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Collaborative Research Fund 2012/13 Funding Results

Group Research Proposals

Proposal No Coordinating Institution / Collaborating Institution(s) Proposal Title Amount
(exclusive of on-costs)
CityU / CUHK, HKU Syndromic Surveillance and Modeling for Infectious Diseases
CUHK / CityU, HKBU, PolyU, HKUST, HKU Functional Plasmonics with Energy Localization for Sensing, Nano-Actuation and Optoelectronics
CUHK / HKBU, HKU Physical Exercise Promotes Vascular Health: Impact of Mechano-Transduction and Novel Endothelium-derived Regulators
CUHK / HKU Macrophage-Myofibroblast-Transition in Organ Fibrosis: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
CUHK / HKUST, HKU Multifunctional Ultrasensitive Sensing with Hybrid Gold-Diamond Nano-Systems
CUHK / HKUST Development of New Methodologies for New Carborane Materials
HKUST / HKU Study of Microglia and Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Zebrafish
HKUST / HKBU, CUHK, HKU Green Slope Engineering: Bioengineered, Live Cover Systems for Man-made Fill Slopes and Landfill Capillary Barriers in Hong Kong
HKUST10/CRF/12R HKUST / CUHK, HKU Protein Trafficking: Mechanism and Diseases
HKU / CUHK To Establish a Metabolic Study Center in Hong Kong: Focusing on the Emerging Metabolic Hormones
HKU5/CRF/12G HKU / CityU, HKBU, CUHK, PolyU Ecology and biodiversity of benthic marine ecosystems before and after the trawling ban in Hong Kong coastal waters
HKU9/CRF/12G HKU / PolyU Ventilation of a High-Rise Compact City