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RGC Public Lectures on Areas of Excellence Projects

The University Grants Committee (UGC) and Research Grants Council (RGC) supported the Hong Kong higher education sector to undertake many exciting academic research projects over the years.

The Areas of Excellence Scheme was first launched by the UGC with an objective of enabling development in research areas where Hong Kong has particular potentials and where Hong Kong can develop a competitive edge internationally. Since February 2012, the Scheme has been transferred to the RGC.

To let more people know about the importance and values of the work of our researchers and their tremendous contribution to society, the RGC has been organizing regular public lectures to introduce to the public the achievements of our researchers. Since January 2011, the RGC has invited prominent scholars to introduce the achievements of Areas of Excellence projects in public lectures. Videos of the public lectures are mounted below for sharing the research output of Area of Excellence projects with wider audiences.

Topic of Lecture Speaker(s) Video*
Strategic Issues in the Economic Development of Hong Kong in a Rising Asia
Professor Y C Richard Wong, SBS, JP, School of Economics and Finance, The University of Hong Kong video
A Field of Hope: The Stories of Hong Kong Plant Scientists
Professor Samuel S M Sun, Research Professor in Biology, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong video

* Lectures are conducted in Cantonese unless otherwise specified.

Lecture Synopses

Strategic Issues in the Economic Development of Hong Kong in a Rising Asia
by Professor Y C Richard Wong

Hong Kong's post-war economic miracle has been built on respect for the rule of law, economic freedom, open competitive markets, private property rights, and the sacrifices of a hard working disciplined immigrant work force. These are the foundations of our continued prosperity. The opening of China and the rise of Asia have opened up enormous opportunities for Hong Kong to reach out for continued prosperity. Yet the public's faith in the future has been shaken by the onset of repeated financial crises, dislocations from industrial transformation, divisiveness of rising property prices, and an ageing population that is more inward focused than outward looking. The anomalous situation has been the research focus of the Areas of Excellence on Economic and Business Strategy. The key questions and findings are presented in this lecture on strategic issues.

A Field of Hope: The Stories of Hong Kong Plant Scientists
by Professor Samuel S M Sun

In year 2000 a team of plant scientists from four Hong Kong universities was awarded an Areas of Excellence grant to research on plant and agricultural biotechnology, with a field of dreams to strive for excellence at the international level and for the food security and nutritional well-being of people in Hong Kong, China and beyond. The project has been supported for the last 10 years for its excellent performance, leading to the establishment of a national level State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology in 2008. In this lecture, the inspiring stories of these scientists will be recounted, as they are now advancing in a field of hope to realize their dreams.