Associate Professor/ Honorary Principal Fellow
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

Mr Ian Marshman joined the University of Melbourne in 1990 and was appointed Senior Vice-Principal ('Chief Operating Officer') in March 1999.

Mr Marshman's specific responsibilities included coordinating the management of the University's financial, physical resources, its staff programs and oversight of the University's compliance, planning and quality assurance activities. He has played major roles in reform of the University's administration including leadership of the 2013/14 Business Improvement Program, the implementation of new administrative systems and processes, budgetary and planning reform, the development of the Melbourne Scholarships program and student-facing aspects of the new Melbourne Model and the planning and implementation of major University projects.

Mr Marshman served as an auditor throughout the period of operation of the Australian Universities Quality Agency and participated in some five quality audits. He gained international experience as the University of Melbourne's management representative for the Universitas 21 network where he chaired the Senior Officers Group for six years. He led the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre Committee of Management for 14 years.

Mr Marshman retired from his Senior Vice Principal role in July 2015 and now serves as an Honorary Principal Fellow at the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.