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Does the UGC define the role for each institution?

  • The UGC-funded institutions should have their own unique strengths. The UGC sees the sector as an interlocking system, with each institution fulfilling a unique role based on its strengths, and yet committed to deep collaboration.

  • Each institution has agreed its role with the UGC and the UGC supports it in its role. In the role statements, there are some common themes, such as achieving excellence in teaching and in respective areas of research strength appropriate to institutions' role, as well as policies and issues that the UGC wishes to see common to all institutions (e.g. to undertake deep collaboration among institutions). The level and range of programmes which an institution may offer and an element unique to an institution can also be found in the role statements. Details of the role statements can be found in the UGC policy document "Hong Kong Higher Education: To Make a Difference. To Move with the Times" (http://www.ugc.edu.hk/doc/eng/ugc/publication/report/policy_document_e.pdf).