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Research Funding

There are two main sources of funding for research in the UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong :

  1. UGC and RGC funds via block grants or earmarked/indicated grants; and

  2. other Government and private funds.

The principal source of funding available to a UGC-funded institution in Hong Kong to support research and other professional and scholarly activity is the institutional recurrent or block grant. A significant proportion of the institutional recurrent grant is provided to support the infrastructure, staff time and overhead costs associated with faculty research and professional/scholarly activities. Research project funding is also provided through other channels, including the Earmarked Research Grants administered by the RGC, but such funding is marginal funding provided on the assumption that the necessary infrastructural support is in place.

Earmarked Research Grant
Early Career Scheme
General Research Fund
Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme
Collaborative Research Fund
Joint Research Schemes
European Commission / RGC Collaboration Scheme
Postgraduate Students Conference / Seminar Grants

The Government had earmarked an annual allocation of $20 million to the RGC for promoting public policy research in higher education institutions from 2005/06 - 2012/13. The RGC launched the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme in 2005/06 and the Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme in 2008/09 with the funding provision from the Central Policy Unit.

Public Policy Research
PPR Electronic System (PPRES) for PPR projects
SPPR Electronic System (SPPRES) for SPPR projects