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Biology and Medicine Panel (Joint Research Schemes)
(as at 13 February 2017)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Zhigang He * Re-building neuronal circuits for functional restoration after brain and spinal cord injury
Deputy Chairman
Professor Kai-nan An* Orthopedic biomechanics; kinesiology of upper extremities, sports and rehabilitation medicine, and orthopedic surgery; soft tissue mechanics, including tissue regeneration and non-invasive assessment using medical imaging such as magnetic resonance elastography and ultrasound; mechanical and biochemical factors influencing soft tissue integrity, performance, and remodeling
Professor Zhaoxiang Bian Chinese Medicine (clinical and basic); functional GI disease; IBD; colorectal cancer
Professor Rossa Wai-kwun Chiu Development of non-invasive prenatal diagnostic approaches, novel molecular diagnostic strategies and innovative applications of molecular analysis tools
Professor Paul Kwan-sing Lam Ecology; Environmental Measurement & Analysis; Ecotoxicology; Environmental Toxicology & Risk Assessment
Professor Tony Shu-kam Mok Molecular targeted therapy on epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR); Development of biomarker for personalized medicine in lung cancer; Mechanism for and management of resistance to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor; Development of novel targeted therapy (ELM-4 ALK, c-MET, IGF-1R); Tumor vaccine against lung cancer (MAGE A3, MUC-1)
Professor Eric J Stanbridge* Tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes in human cancer
Professor Hung-fat Tse Basic and clinical cardiac electrophysiology; Novel non-pharmacological therapies, such as medical devices and gene-based approaches for cardiac arrhythmias; Non-invasive assessment of cardiovascular system, such as vascular ultrasound, CT scan and MRI; and Cardiovascular regenerative medicine using gene-based and cell-based, including adult, embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells
Professor Zilong Wen Molecular basis of hematopoietic stem cell and myeloid cell development; myeloid leukemia
Professor Samuel Miao-Sin Wu* Neuroscience, Vision Research, Neurophysiology
Professor Jun Xia Molecular mechanism of protein trafficking and its implication in brain disorder, diabetes and infertility. Molecular and cellular bases of learning and memory, organization of synapse and regulation of synaptic transmission
Professor Yiji Xia Redox signaling in stress responses, Plant-pathogen interactions, Functional genomics and proteomics, Plant reproduction
Professor Aimin Xu Obesity, adipocyte biology, metabolic inflammation, metabolic disease, diabetes and diabetic complications, fatty liver, atherosclerosis, biomarker discovery
Dr Zhongying Zhao Gene regulatory networks underlying cell fate determination; Developmental dynamics of regulatory pathways during metazoan development; Molecular and genetic bases of postzygotic hybrid incompatibilities
Professor Yong-ping Zheng Ultrasound instrumentation, ultrasonic measurement and imaging of tissue elasticity, Sonomyography (ultrasonic measurement of muscle dynamics); 3D ultrasound imaging; optical coherence tomography, Ultrasound image and signal processing; Wearable vital sign sensors
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary-General (Research)1, UGC

*Non-local Members