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Biology and Medicine Panel (General Research Fund and Other Funding Schemes for Individual Research)
( as at 27 November 2017 )

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Zhigang He* Interests in re-building neuronal circuits for functional restoration after brain and spinal cord injury; developing combinatorial strategies for functional restoration in injury models.
Professor David Bellinger, PhD* Interests in environmental epidemiology, pediatric public health, neurotoxicology.
Professor Juliana CN Chan Interests in endocrinology and clinical pharmacology and training in psychiatry; epidemiology, genetics, clinical trials and care models to define causality of diabetes and its comorbidities.
Professor Wai-Yee Chan Interests in functional genomics and epigenetic regulation of germ cell development in health and diseases, molecular genetics of heritable human reproductive and endocrine disorders, non-coding RNAs (antisense transcript and microRNA) in normal and abnormal development, molecular biology of pregnancy proteins, and heritable metabolic disorders of copper.
Professor Yang Dan* Interests in neuroscience, sleep, neural circuits, cortex.
Professor Dr. Thomas Efferth* Interests in chemical compounds derived from medicinal plants used in traditional medicines worldwide and analyze their molecular and cellular modes of action and their potential for targeted chemotherapy.
Professor James Fawcett* Interests in repairing the damaged nervous system.
Professor George Fu Gao* Interests in enveloped viruses and molecular immunology, virus ecology, esp. the relationship between influenza virus and migratory birds or live poultry markets and the bat-derived virus ecology and molecular biology.
Professor Aaron D. Gitler* Interests in mechanisms of human neurodegenerative disease. ALS, Parkinson's disease, frontotemporal dementia. Genomewide screens, model organisms.
Professor Xiaohua Gong* Interests in multidisciplinary approaches in cell and developmental biology, molecular genetics and biochemistry of vertebrate animals; elucidate molecular and cellular mechanisms of the eye development and disease, and to develop novel methods or ideas for delaying or preventing common eye diseases such as cataract, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration by using mouse genetic models.
Professor Min Han* Interests in using Caenorhabditis elegans and mouse models to study problems related to animal development, stress response, and human disease, applying both genetic and biochemical methods; the functional impact of lipid variants and metabolic events, as well as roles of noncoding RNAs.
Professor Chi-chung Hui* Interests in Hedgehog signaling and Iroquois homeobox genes; utilizes the mouse as a model for studying genetic control of mammalian nervous system, heart, limb and skin development; develops various mouse models for the study of congenital malformation syndrome, cancer, metabolic disease and heart disorder.
Professor Wei Jia* Interests in Metabolomics, Cancer metabolism, Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dr William J Langston* Interests in marine ecotoxicology.
Professor Yu-lung Lau Interests in infectious and allergic diseases in children; genetics in childhood and immunological diseases; host-pathogen interaction; primary immunodeficiencies; vaccination.
Professor Ping-yee Law* Interests in molecular mechanism of drug addiction, with special interests on the opioid receptor signaling mechanism; examined the trafficking of the receptor, and the structural basis for receptor signaling, including biased agonism; receptor-mediated control of miRNAs, and the control of various aspects of adult neurogenesis by these miRs. Subsequent behavioral alterations especially in drug memory as a result are examined; also initiated high throughput screens for drug molecules that can alter the opiate motivational withdrawal and subsequent drug memory.
Professor Chung-mau Lo Interests in hepatobiliary surgery, liver cancer and liver transplantation.
Professor Matthias Lohr* Interests in pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, stromal biology.
Professor Fanxin Long* Interests in molecular regulation of skeletal development, homeostasis and regeneration.
Professor Aiping Lyu Interests in Chinese Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Arthritis and related new drug discovery.
Professor Maria G Masucci* Interests in Hepersvirus infection and pathogenesis, cell remodeling, immune responses.
Professor Peter Petraitis* Interests in population and community ecology; marine biology; effects of climate change and grazing on grasslands; theoretical ecology.
Professor Jerry W Shay* Interests in cancer, aging, regeneratve medicine, stem cells, telomeres, telomerase.
Professor Kathryn Choon Beng Tan Interests in lipidology, genetics of lipid disorders, lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis; Diabetes and its complications, advanced glycation and post-translational modification derived products.
Professor Adrian Thrasher* Interests in immunodeficiencies and cell and gene therapy.
Professor Cun-yu Wang* Interests in molecular and epigenetic regulation of tumor invasive growth and metastasis; cancer stem cells; Oral infection and inflammation; adult stem cells and bone regeneration.
Professor Dazhi Wang* Interests in the molecular mechanisms that control cellular differentiation and morphogenesis during animal development; uses cardiovascular system and skeletal muscle as the model systems and apply a variety of molecular, cellular, biochemistry and genetic approaches in the lab; studies transcriptional regulation of cardiovascular development as well as miRNAs in the control of cardiac and skeletal muscle development, function and regeneration.
Professor Zhiyong Wang* Interests in the signaling networks that mediate plant growth responses to hormonal and environmental signals; plant growth-promoting hormones brassinosteroid, gibberellin, and auxin, as well as plant responses to light, temperature, and pathogens; receptor kinase signaling pathways, transcription factors and transcription network, and use broad approaches including molecular genetics, genomics, and proteomics.
Professor Chris Kong-chu Wong Interests in molecular endocrinology and physiology, fish osmosensing and osmoregulation, molecular toxicology, environmental pollution and human health risk assessment.
Professor Frances Kam-Yuet Wong Interests in Healthcare Service Model Development & Evaluation, Aging in Place, Transitional Care, Advanced Nursing Practice.
Professor Nathalie Wong Interests in cancer genomics; hepatocellular carcinoma; next generation sequencing; tumor biology; signaling transduction; microRNA; biomarker development.
Professor Wing-sze Wong Interests in psychosocial and cultural aspects of health and illness; quality of life; health services and outcomes assessment; health-related decision making.
Professor Ed Xuekui Wu Interests in biomedical imaging; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods; diffusion and spectroscopic MRI; functional MRI; neuroimaging; molecular and cellular imaging; biomedical engineering.
Professor Zhenguo Wu Interests in molecular regulation of muscle stem cells, myogenic differentiation, and muscle regeneration.
Professor Chunfeng Zhao* Interests in orthopedic related research, soft tissue including tendon, ligament, disc, meniscus, or other connective tissues, orthopedic biomechanics, tissue engineering.
Professor Ming Hao Zheng* Interests in the development of an academic career in bone and joint research and regenerative medicine, mainly on the biology of osteoclast, chondrocyte and tenocyte.
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary General (Research) 1, UGC.

* Non-local Members