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Humanities and Social Sciences Panel (Joint Research Schemes)
(as at 13 February 2017)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor C. Cindy Fan* Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement, University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A.; interests in population, migration, regional development, gender, ethnicity, and China
Deputy Chairman
Professor Elisabetta Corsi* Sino-western intellectual and scientific contacts between China and Europe; early modern history; early modern visual arts; world history
Professor Terry K F Au Language and conceptual development; childhood language experience and adult language acquisition; development of intuitive theories; language and cognition; mother-adolescent communication; health education
Professor Yanjie Bian* Economic sociology; Social networks; Social stratification; Chinese society
Professor Cornelis de Bot* Multilingualism, Second language development
Professor Bo Huang Spatio-temporal intelligence; Spatial statistics for change analysis; Unified image fusion for environmental monitoring; Spatial optimization for location problems; GIS for sustainable transportation/ land use planning
Professor Thomas Hun-tak Lee Language acquisition; syntax and semantics; Chinese linguistics
Professor Magdalena Mo-ching Mok Measurement & Assessment; Self-directed Learning
Professor Richard Bernhart Owen Palaeolimnology; Micropalaeontology; Sedimentology; Quaternary geology; Marine geology
Professor Christopher J Webster Urban theory; China's informal settlements (urban villages); evolution of land-use mixes under alternative regulation regimes; the evolution of property rights in urban China; the impact of built environment morphology on the individual health; the behavioral impact of green infrastructure in London and Hong Kong
Professor Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh Cultural studies, cinema and cultural conservation, film historiography, media and market economy in China, film and literature
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary-General (Research)1, UGC

*Non-local Members